Today’s Olympic Champions Are Going Farther and Faster Than Ever Before & the Rest of Us Can Too

How are today’s Champions reaching overwhelming speeds on the race tracks?

With Michael Phelps surpassing Mark Spitz at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, along with many other amazing feats happening there, the question arises … what are these athletes doing these days in preparation for the Olympics?

You may take a look at the fitness clothing and shoes that they wear (surely for a hefty price) and think these things are making a big difference. But when Spitz competed and earned his title as the greatest Olympic athlete of all time, he did so simply in a regular swimsuit, without either the goggles or the swim cap.

Today’s athletes are competing into their 30′s and 40′s as well.

Take for instance 41-year-old Dara Torres, who is one of the oldest Olympians at the 2008 Olympics. Dara is a personal inspiration to me. Quoted for saying, “You can’t put an age limit on your dreams,” she is competing against (and defeating) women young enough to be her children. Unheard of? No. Unusual? Yes. And to prove that she has been competing fairly and naturally and not illegally doping, she has requested extra testing be done on her.

So what’s their secret?

Today’s champions endure intense training. They train longer and they train harder. They aren’t necessarily born with just the right genes. As Dr. Joyner at the Mayo Clinic stated, “Many genes contribute to performance, but it isn’t likely that one individual would have the right combination of all genes that would give you a natural competitive edge.” Dr. Joyner also attributes new world records being made to the fact that today’s athletes have improved medical care, plus there are many more athletes, from more countries, participating.

But there is one other secret they have that stands out.

These Olympic Champions have a strong mind and have a strong faith in themselves. With that faith, they are achieving world records. These athletes are proving to the rest of us that, whatever age we are, we can achieve great fitness, build good physique, and even fight aging. No matter what our health or fitness goals are, with good mental determination, we can achieve them.

But we first have to get off the sofa. And stop dreaming of being a champion, and go out and become one. No excuses!

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